Ranish Shakya

Ranish Shakya

I am currently working on the fate modeling of contaminants in the river network and building a global database of wastewater treatment plants (WWTPs). The global WWTP database will help to answer questions such as how many people are connected to WWTP, how much wastewater is being treated, and what level of treatment is being implemented across the globe. This database and contaminant fate modeling will help to predict the concentration of contaminants in the river network downstream, eventually identifying river reaches with hot-spots of contaminants. The final goal of this analysis is to help in the decision making process such as updating the WWTP or updating the water treatment facility if the particular is a drinking water source.

MSc Geography
Department of Geography
McGill University, Burnside Hall
Email: ranish.shakya@mail.mcgill.ca

Research Interest

My research interest includes using GIS and modeling tools for predicting contaminants in the river network that will help to identify hot-spots of chemical concentration and its fate in the river network spatially. This will help to answer questions like how polluted are our river network and what can be done to improve the water quality.


I did my undergrad from Kathmandu University, Nepal in Enviornmental Engineering. I also have a MSc in Civil Engineering (Environmental Engineering) from Southern Illinois University Edwardsville (SIUE).