Current Members

MichaudJean Michaud
Professor of Anthropology, Laval

Minorities and globalisation; highland societies of Southeast Asia and southwest China; anthropology of the Hmong; critiques of development; local impacts of tourism; historical anthropology and archives.

Sarah TurnerDSC02896
Professor of Geography, McGill

Southeast Asian development geography; development critiques; upland ethnic minorities in northern Vietnam and Yunnan; urban informal economies; innovative qualitative methods.


Jennifer Langill
PhD, McGill

Thesis: Transformations and Shifting Livelihoods in Northern Thailand: A Re-Study of Ban Suay Hmong Village.

Melody Lynch 
PhD, McGill

Thesis: Rooting Rights to the City: Urban Agriculture and Food Justice in Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Mélie Monnerat
PhD, McGill

Thesis: The ethnic minority livelihoods in the Sino-Vietnamese borderlands: the case of spice commodity chains.

PhD, McGill

Thesis: Urban informal economies and the emerging platform economy in Vietnam’s socialist market-oriented society.

Patrick Slack
PhD, McGill

Thesis: Frontier Spices and Spaces: The Complexity and Diversity of Ethnic Minority Livelihoods in the Western Sino-Vietnamese Borderlands.

YU LiDSC07823qing
PhD, Laval

Thesis: The social production of Nanluoguxiang Quarter (Hutong) from 1980 to 2015: desires, expectations and strategies of a diverse population facing state power in Socialist China.

ZHAO Feiliu 

PhD, Laval.

Thesis: Arrimages et distinctions entre développement, résistances et tourisme dans un village Miao du Guizhou, Chine.

Simon Bilodeau
MA, Laval

Thesis: Tourism as a Tool for Political Integration: Negotiation and Resistance among the Hmong of Northern Vietnam

Peter Garber
MA, McGill

Thesis: Sustaining Livelihoods: The Dynamic Relationship Between Water Buffalo, Extreme Weather, and Upland Minorities in Lao Cai Province, northern Vietnam.

Michelle Kee
MA, McGill

Thesis: ‘I don’t want to stand out down here.’ Youth Ethnic Minority Migrants’ Experiences of Mobility and Migration in Hanoi, Vietnam.



IMG_0747Ammar Adenwala
MA, McGill, 2019.

Lab Research Assistant

Thomas Kettig
University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa

Interests: language change, sociophonetics, vowel phonology, historical linguistics, English dialect variation, Hmong dialect variation.

DSC03405 for lab maybe Hanh cropped2NGO Hanh
Lab Research Assistant, Hanoi

Interests: humanitarian aid, disability, qualitative field methods, Vietnam spices, migration.

Madeleine Hykes
Hons Student, McGill, 2019.

Lab Research Assistant, Montreal

Interests: Urban policy mobility, (in)accessible public spaces, civic design, qualitative reseach methods, and participatory urban design.

VO Lan
Lab Research Assistant, McGill

Interests: Vietnam, ethnic minorities, poverty, livelihoods, library information systems.

Celia Zuberec
Hons Student, McGill

Lab Research Assistant

Lab Research Assistant, McGill