Kate Trincsi
MSc, McGill, 2017.

Thesis: Land use and land cover change dynamics in the northern Vietnam uplands.



Karen Bouchard
MA, Laval, 2017.

Water Governance and Security in the Highlands of Kalinga Province, Cordillera Administrative Region, Luzon, Philippines.


Melody Lynch 
MA, McGill, 2017.

Thesis: Bajo ethnic minority livelihoods, mobility, and resistance in the Wakatobi National Park, Southeast Sulawesi, Indonesia.


Dylan Putzel
MA, McGill

Thesis: Trade Networks, Political Dynamics, and Traditional Ecological Knowledge in the Sino-Vietnamese Borderlands.



Dr Jean Francois Rousseau
PhD, McGill, 2014; now Prof at Ottawa U.

Thesis: ‘Green energies’ along the Red River: the modernisation of a Chinese frontier region and the implications for riparian rural livelihoods in Honghe Prefecture.


Dr Xu Yi Qiang (Jonathan)
Post-doctoral fellow/Visiting scholar 2016

Research interests: Highland Ethnic Minorities; Southeast China; Ritual Healing Practices and Social Culture in Hani Villages; Religious Anthropology; Medical Anthropology.

Dr LI Yajuan
PhD, Chinese Academy of Science, 2015; co-supervisor Prof Turner

Thesis: Tourism development in remote ethnic minority communities – the case of Qiandongnan prefecture, Guizhou province, China.


Remymy Darith Chhem
MA, Laval, 2015

Thesis: Tenure foncière et société rurale dans le Cambodge d’après-guerre.




Marc-André Morency
MA, Laval, 2015

Thesis: Diaspora, ethnicité et sécularisme: l’identité religieuse sikh en lien avec son contexte d’expression.

ZHAO Yawei


ZHAO Yawei
MA, McGill, 2015

Thesis: Minority livelihoods and tourism development in Yunnan Province, China.


Candice ChinaDr Candice Cornet
Visiting post-doc, McGill, 2014; PhD, 2011, Laval





Sarah Delisle
MA, McGill, 2014

Thesis: ‘The Weather Is Like The Game We Play’: Hmong and Yao Food Security and Emerging Livelihood Vulnerabilities in the Northern Uplands of Vietnam.



Victoria Kyeyune
MA, McGill, 2014

Thesis:Yielding to High Yields: Hybrid Maize and Hmong Food Security in Ha Giang Province, Northern Vietnam.



ZHANG Jialong
Visiting Scholar, Faculty of Forestry, Southwest Forestry University, Yunnan, China 2013-14





Dr Pham Thi Thanh Hiên
Post-Doc, McGill, 2012; now Prof, UQAM, Montréal.




ClaClarara Champalle
MA, McGill, 2012

Thesis: ‘Cash Crops And Climate Shocks: Flexible Livelihoods In Southeast Yunnan, China’




Mathieu Poulin-Lamarre Mathieu2s
MA, Laval, 2012

Thesis: Folklorisation et développement des minorités dans la Chine du sud-ouest: la construction de la nation chinoise contemporaine dans les marges.


ChristineDr Christine Bonnin
PhD, 2012, McGill; now Lecturer/Prof UCD, Dublin

Thesis: ‘Markets in the Mountains: Market Exchange, Trade Practices and Trader Livelihoods in Highland Northern Vietnam’.


Steeve2.Steeve Daviau
Consultant, Laos

Interests: ‘Développement, modernité et intégration à la nation d’une minorité bahnarique dans le Laos postsocialiste’.



Samuel Dubois
BA Hons 2011, McGill

Thesis: Analyzing Military Archives of the Northern Vietnamese Borderlands: French Colonial Military Perceptions of Ethnic Minorities.


Dr Marlène Elias Marlene
SSHRC Post-doc, Laval; PhD McGill 2010. Now gender specialist CGIAR

Current project: Livelihoods, commodity chains, gender and fair trade in the Global South.




Philippe Messier
MA, 2010, Laval

Thesis: ‘L’intégration à la majorité par l’image : dynamiques et stratégies de représentations des groupes minoritaires du district de Sa Pa du Vietnam postsocialiste.’


Jonathan1Jonathan Gerber 
MA, 2010, McGill

Thesis: ‘From farm plot to cooking pot: regional and local fruit and vegetable commodity chains supplying Hanoi, Vietnam’



Vincent LandryVincent
MA, 2010, Laval

Thesis: ‘ Stratégies de développement, écogouvernance et particularismes locaux: le cas de trois initiatives de développement par l’écotourisme au N-O Laos’.


Lindsay LongLindsay1
MA, 2009, McGill

Thesis: ‘Unravelling the Threads: The Evolving Complexities of the Highland Textile Trade in Northern Vietnam and Beyond’




François Fortin-Deschêne
MA,2009, U de M

Thesis: ‘Domination, résistance et espace de dialogue; les dynamiques de transformation de l’hégémonie au Viêtnam’.
‘Domination, resistance and dialogue; the dynamics of hegemony in Vietnam’.

Claire Tugault-LafleurClaire_Hmong Collar
MA, 2007; McGill

Thesis: ‘Diversifying Livelihoods: Hmong Use and Trade of Forest Products in Northern Vietnam’



Laura S1Laura Schoenberger
MA, 2006; McGill

Thesis: ‘Crossing the Line: The Changing Nature of Highlander Cross-Border Trade in Northern Vietnam’.


Caroline temp


Caroline Goulet
MA, 2005; U de M

Thesis: ‘Rhétorique égalitariste contre pragmatisme autoritaire: les politiques d’État vietnamiennes et leurs implications pour les Hmong/Dao’.




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