Geography Graduate Society

About GGS

Welcome to the McGill Geography Graduate Society! On this website, you will find contact information, planned activities, and information for prospective and current graduate students in the Department of Geography, McGill University.

Bi-weekly Coffee Hours

Starting on September 9th, virtual coffee hours will be held every other Wednesday from 2-3 pm EST on Zoom. Bring your mug and join us for a virtual hang with fellow geographers!

Connect With Us

We have a vibrant Facebook group where activities and opportunities can be posted by all members. We also maintain a Facebook page, where we publicly share communications from the GGS. Finally, we use Microsoft Teams to share information and foster discussion among our members.

Image of a chalet next to a lake. The trees in the background are bare and leaves cover the ground; it appears to be late fall.
Lac Hertel, Mont St-Hilaire (Dipto Sarkar)