Research support

Research Support

Taking advantage of the latest GIS/RS software, imagery and datasets, the GIC provides support for research activities to McGill students and faculty according to their project requirements. The GIC provides researchers with the assistance they need to conduct advanced GIS/RS research activities in various disciplines as well as offering ongoing project advice.

We would like to invite faculty, staff and graduate students from other Departments, Schools and Faculties to approach us with questions about their GIS and RS related research projects. We would be happy to discuss your upcoming projects.

Current and past Research Projects supported by the GIC:

  1. Indian Ocean World Project (2013 – 2016)
  2. Peatland Data (2013 – 2014)
  3. North American Blue Carbon Mapping
  4. Map Inventory Collaboration Project – Paper Map Archives
  5. Poverty and Rural Livelihoods in Amazonian Peru (2014)
  6. McGill Urban Lab
  7. Hochelaga Project
  8. Engineers Without Borders McGill’s Food Systems Venture