Current Graduate Students, Post-Docs, and Visitors

Dr Zuo Zhenting (Tim) (Visiting Scholar, 2018). Assoc. Prof. Guizhou Normal University, China.
Interests: Ethnic minority livelihoods and non-timber forest product cultivation Yunnan, China.

Dr. June Yee Tsun Po (Post-doctoral fellowUniversité Laval, 2018-2020) Co-supervisor. Project: Distilling livelihood diversity: ethnic minorities’ production and trade of traditional alcohols in upland northern Vietnam.

Langill, Jennifer (PhD, 2018-). Supervisor
Thesis: Transformations and Shifting Livelihoods in Northern Thailand: A Re-Study of Ban Suay Hmong Village.

Garber, Peter (MA, 2018-). Supervisor
Thesis: Sustaining livelihoods: The dynamic relationship between water buffalo, extreme weather, and upland minorities in Lao Cai province, northern Vietnam (prov. title).

Slack, Patrick (MA, 2017-). Supervisor
Thesis: Cash crop impacts on Hmong food security and livelihoods. The case of black cardamom in Bat Xat district, Lao Cai province, northern Vietnam.(prov. title).

Monnerat, Mélie (PhD, 2016-). Supervisor
Thesis: Ethnic minority livelihoods in the Sino-Vietnamese borderlands: the case of spice commodity chains.(prov. title).

Eidse, Noelani (PhD, 2013-). Supervisor.
Thesis: Bargaining with the state: street vending, urban resistance and the politics of everyday life and survival in Hanoi, Vietnam (prov. title).

Huber, Bernard (PhD, 2009-) Supervisor.
Thesis: How do non-timber forest products sustain the livelihoods of ethnic minorities in Northern Vietnam? (prov. title).

JF field1Graduate or Visitor Alumni

Solberg, Charles (Abe) (MA, 2016-2018). Supervisor
Thesis: Exploring livelihood change in a rural upland Hmong village in Yunnan, China.

Adenwala, Ammar (MA, 2016-2018). Supervisor
Thesis: Alternative realities: negotiating urban space production in Cao Bằng city, upland northern Vietnam.

Wu, Wenjia (Visiting PhD student, 2017-18). Host supervisor
Interests: Tourism in ethnic minority Hani villages, southern Yunnan.

Lynch, Melody (MA, 2015-2018). Supervisor
Thesis: Bajo ethnic minority livelihoods, mobility, and resistance in the Wakatobi national park, southeast Sulawesi, Indonesia.

Trincsi, Kate (MSc, 2014-2017). Supervisor
Thesis: Land system resilience: linking land use change, state policy and ethnic minority resource management in northern upland Vietnam.

Putzel, Dylan (MA, 2014-2017). Supervisor
Thesis: The spice of life: black cardamom cultivation, trade networks, and livelihoods in Yunnan, China.

Dr Xu Yi Qiang (CSC Post-doctoral fellow/Visiting scholar 2015-2016)
Research interests: Highland Ethnic Minorities; Southwest China; Ritual Healing Practices and Social Culture in Hani Villages; Religious Anthropology; Medical Anthropology.

Zhao Yawei (MA, 2015). Supervisor
Thesis: Cultural Tourism the Chinese Way: Negotiations for Bai Ethnic Minority Livelihoods in Dali, Yunnan.

Li Yajuan (PhD, 2015) Co-supervisor.
Thesis: Tourism development in remote ethnic minority communities – the case of Qiandongnan prefecture, Guizhou province, China.
Based at: Institute of Geographic Sciences and Natural Resources Research, Chinese Academy of Sciences.

Rousseau, Jean-François (PhD, 2014) Supervisor.
Thesis: ‘Green energies’ along the Red River: the modernisation of a Chinese frontier region and the implications for riparian rural livelihoods in Honghe Prefecture. 

Kyeyune, Victoria (MA, 2014) Supervisor.
Thesis: Yielding to High Yields: Hybrid Maize and Hmong Food Security in Hà Giang Province, Northern Vietnam.

Candice Cornet (Visiting 6 month position, post-doc, 2014)
Project: Ethnic minorities in Southwest China.

Delisle, Sarah (MA, 2013) Supervisor.
Thesis: “The Weather is Like the Game We Play”: Hmong and Yao Food Security and Emerging Livelihood Vulnerabilities in the Northern Uplands of Vietnam

Zhang Jialong (Visiting scholar 2012-2013, with myself and Prof Ramankutty)
Faculty of Forestry, Southwest Forestry University, Kunming, China.
Project: Land use, land-cover change in southern Yunnan.

Pham Thi Thanh Hiên (Post-Doc, 2012; now Prof UQAM).
Project: Land use, land cover change in upland Northern Vietnam.

Champalle, Clara (MA, 2012). Supervisor.
Thesis: ‘Cash Crops And Climate Shocks: Flexible Livelihoods In Southeast Yunnan, China’

Bonnin, Christine (PhD, 2011) Supervisor.
Thesis : ‘Markets in the Mountains: Market Exchange, Trade Practices and Trader Livelihoods in Highland Northern Vietnam’.

Houde, Nicolas ( PhD, 2011). Co-supervisor with Prof G. Wenzel after original supervisor left McGill.
Thesis: ‘Experimenting with what will become our traditions’: Adaptive co-management as a bridge to an Atikamekw Nehirowisiw post-treaty world in Nitaskinan, Canada.

Elias, Marlene (PhD, 2010). Co-supervisor.
Thesis: ‘Transforming Nature’s Subsidy: Global Markets, Burkinabé Women, and Africa’s Sheanut Tree’

Gerber, Jonathan (MA, 2010). Supervisor.
Thesis:‘From farm plot to cooking pot: regional and local fruit and vegetable commodity chains supplying Hanoi, Vietnam’.

Long, Lindsay (MA, 2010). Supervisor.
Thesis: ‘Unravelling the Threads: The Evolving Complexities of the Highland Textile Trade in Northern Vietnam and Beyond’

Raj, Papia (PhD, 2009). Supervisor.
Thesis : ‘Social Impacts of Economic Liberalization on Young Adults in India: A Study of Call Centers in the environs of New Delhi’.

Zunn, Heidy (MA, 2008) Supervisor.
Thesis: ‘Bartering Place: (Re)defining Hong Kong Public Market Spaces’

Tugault-Lafleur, Claire (MA, 2007) Supervisor.
Thesis: ‘Diversifying Livelihoods: Hmong Use and Trade of Forest Products in Northern Vietnam’

Schoenberger, Laura (MA, 2006). Supervisor.
Thesis: ‘Crossing the Line: The Changing Nature of Highlander Cross-Border Trade in Northern Vietnam’.

Coen, Stephanie (MA, 2006). Co-supervisor.
Thesis: ‘Economic and Social dimensions of Neighbourhood Trade-stores in Cochabamba, Bolivia’.