A compendium of hydro-environmental attributes derived from existing global datasets and assigned to each river reach and each sub-basin of HydroSHEDS at 15 arc-second resolution.

HydroATLAS is a comprehensive database gathering and presenting a wide range of hydro-environmental attributes from various sources in a consistent and organized manner. HydroATLAS is divided in two datasets, RiverATLAS and BasinATLAS, which represent the river network (lines) and sub-basin delineations (polygons), respectively. HydroATLAS datasets have the same cell size and extent as HydroSHEDS datasets, 15 arc-second resolution, and can be used in conjunction with them.


Land surface runoff data, one of the catchment characteristics available in the HydroATLAS database, applied to global sub-basins

Land surface runoff data, one of the environmental attributes available in the HydroATLAS database, applied to global sub-basins

HydroATLAS provides a consistent and organized presentation of over 100 hydro-environmental attributes drawn from the most recent published sources. The hydro-environmental attributes are organized into seven categories (see also table below): hydrology and hydrography, climate, physiography, land cover and land use, soil, geology, and demographics. HydroATLAS derives these hydro-environmental attributes for river reaches and hierarchically nested watersheds at multiple scales.

HydroATLAS is currently under development and an associated publication is under review. Data release is anticipated for summer 2018. For more information, please refer to our current draft versions of the Technical Documentation and the associated BasinATLAS Catalog and RiverATLAS Catalog, respectively.